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Technical program

 Technical program

 Monday, July 6th (Room: Minerva)

 14:30-15:30, Session 1 - Technologies and services for Smart Cities

 Session chair: Antonio Celesti - University of Messina, Italy

  • Workshop opening

  • Discovery of Services in Smart Cities of Mobile Social Users
    Michele Girolami (University of Pisa & ISTI-CNR, Italy); Stefano Chessa (Universita' di Pisa, Italy); Erina Ferro (Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie dell'Informazione "Alessandro Faedo", Italy)

  • Smartphones as Smart Cities Sensors: MCS Scheduling in the ParticipAct Project
    Antonio Corradi, Giovanni Curatola and Luca Foschini (University of Bologna, Italy); Raffaele Ianniello (University of Bologna - CIRI ICT, Italy); Carlos Roberto De Rolt (Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina - UDESC, Italy)
  • Encryption as a Service for Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure
    Md Mahmud Hasan and Hussein T Mouftah (University of Ottawa, Canada)

 15:30-16:00, Coffee Break 

 16:00-17:30, Session 2 - Management of Cloud service

 Session chair: Massimo Villari - University of Messina, Italy

  • High performance fault-tolerance for clouds
    Dimitrios Kalogeras (National University of Athens, Greece); Ronen I Kat (IBM Research - Haifa, Israel); Cristian Klein (Umeå University, Sweden); Panagiotis Kokkinos (University of PAtras, Greece); Yossi Kuperman and Joel Nider (IBM Research - Haifa, Israel); Petter Svärd and Luis Tomás (Umeå University, Sweden); Theodora Varvarigou (National Technical University of Athens, Greece); Emmanouel Varvarigos (University of Patras & Computer Technology Institute, Greece)
  • Costs of a Federated and Hybrid Cloud Environment Aimed at MapReduce Video Transcoding
    Alfonso Panarello, Antonio Celesti, Maria Fazio, Massimo Villari and Antonio Puliafito (University of Messina, Italy)
  • Exploiting the FIWARE Cloud Platform to Develop a Remote Patient Monitoring System
    Maria Fazio and Antonio Celesti (University of Messina, Italy); Fermin Galan Marquez (Telefonica, Italy); Alex Glikson (IBM, Israel); Massimo Villari (University of Messina, Italy)
  • On QoS-aware Scheduling of Data Stream Applications over Fog Computing Infrastructures
    Valeria Cardellini (University of Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy); Vincenzo Grassi and Francesco Lo Presti (Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy); Matteo Nardelli (University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy)

 Note: 22 minutes are given to each author for presentation and Q&A

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